Communicating Change

In a post I wrote a few days ago, I mentioned that I had fallen into the role of change manager. I like the role and as I am frequently reminded change management is a very important part of automating accounting processes. One of the keys to good and positive change is communication. If change is the brainthan communication is the heart. The two are unable to operate without each other (unless you have seen the Steve Martin movie The Man With Two Brains ).

Communication is a skill… a muscle… it is something we all do and it is something we can all do better. Even if you are at the top of your communication game you still have room for improvement.

To start with communicating change, I want to write about what communications is not. Communication is not:

  • An Event
  • An Opinion
  • An Edict

Now keep in mind, when automating accounting processes, communicating change is extremely important but it follows taking inventory of your company’s ability to change. It is upon taking inventory that you will can create your communication path. The communication path is a custom walk, step by step that moves your organization from paper to automated. The most important part of the previous sentence is “custom”. In The 8 Pitfalls, I wrote about not all best practices fit for every company, and that best practices needs to be targeted to each company. An example of that is a company that has no tolerance for change and is 100% paper based will have a very difficult time jumping into a fully automated system. Whereas a company that has a lot of change and is partially automated… becoming fully automated is a much more realistic goal.

For more information see page 20 of The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation.

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3 Replies to “Communicating Change”

  1. Chris,

    I love the analogy that communicating, like Our brain, is a muscle that must be used.

    I’d love to gather with you and get some ideas from you about the new project that David and I are working on. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a chance to spend time together and catch up.

    Henry Ijams PayStream Advisors

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