Hiring and Accounting Automation


Yesterday I wrote about headcount reduction and on Friday I wrote about growing companies and accounting automation. Today’s topic, continuing on with situations are good for getting rid of the paper invoices and paper checks is hiring.

On the surface hiring can seem a lot like headcount reductions, but I want to give you a perspective about hiring accounting staff that has nothing to do with changing or moving people’s job… well not a big change at least.

Hard Dollar Savings

In my book The Argument to Automate I spend a lot of time on the idea of “hard dollar” cost savings. The definition of hard dollar savings is the savings you get with automation where the task is eliminated 100%. The key is 100%. You have to have a way or really good communication with your automation service provider to know which task can be eliminated 100%. When it comes to hiring, you are able to base your automation decision on the open positions you have in your accounting department.

An Example

Let me give you an example. Lets say you have agreed to do business with a service provider that has an electronic database to save your processed invoices (by the way – if you don’t – keep looking).  That means if you currently have a filing clerk position open, automating the task of filing may be all the justification you need.

The Point

Keep in mind that the point behind this series is the give you ideas on where accounting automation (no paper invoices and no paper checks) is useful. Automating open positions is a great place to start. Besides, never once has automation taken a sick day, shown up late for work or hit on the boss during the annual party.

Tomorrow I am going to write about people doing their jobs… stay tuned!

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