One Good Personal Reason to Change


I have to warn you that in the coming year I am going to be writing a lot about change… if this was TV I would ask you not to turn the channel.


Here is the thing. I can’t think of an instance, project, company or person where change is the common thread of success and failure when automating accounts payable. In every situation the ability to deal with change has been a major determining factor to success and failure. Sure there are situations that are beyond our control, but if you really look at those situations, especially looking back on them, there were ways you could have handled it better.

Enough of That!

In the spirit of the title there is one good reason to change when automating. However, before I give you my take on it, I thought I would write this. I don’t think I am alone in admitting this, but I don’t like change. I would like to write, the older I get the more I don’t like it, but I don’t think that is true.  The older I get the more experienced I am and the more I question change for change sake. I question change for change sake to the point that I will fear the change. Now before you cast an opinion about me and my willingness to change, I want you to know that I am always looking to do what I do better… I am always striving to be better. That requires change.

One Good Reason:

So, you want to know my one good reason? Has there been enough dramatic build up? I don’t have any scientific proof to this… but I haven’t found any exceptions to it either. Change is a key indication or growth. I have been involved with five startups, 89 AP Automation projects and 750+ companies that are justifying Accounts Payable Automation. The most striking change to growth comparisons have come with the five startups. The businesses that embrace change and made change an asset were those that grew faster and had happier employees. The ones that tried to control change and avoid it died.

Public Service Announcement

I feel like I am writing a PSA, but make change your friend!

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