What is so Happy about Thanksgiving?


I choose the peanut’s image because my wife loves the stories of Charlie Brown, and I am always trying to get on her good side.


Here is the short answer to the questions, what is so happy about thanksgiving? Everything! I love time off from work, I love the work that I do, the food, family, shopping (well – I don’t really shop. I am on support team – you know – hold my wife’s purse, looking for a kid in the middle of the racks, apologizing to other shopper for my kid’s behavior, getting coffee, paying for things… that’s what I do). I am happy about all of it.


But, I have to write, this thanksgiving, I am very happy and thankful for all of you that have read my articles and have made comments and said hi to me at speaking gigs and for correcting my spelling and grammar… I am thankful for all of you that desire to have productive accounting department with automation, and for those of you that are still pursuing automation…

Thanks to all of you for making this site great. To me it makes for a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope and pray you have a happy one too!


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