Happy New Year – A Letter from CostPerInvoice.Com

Dear Readers,

I don’t really like the word “readers”… I think I would like to call you all, “participates”. Yea… that’s a lot better, so let’s start again.

Dear Participates,

As of the writing of this letter (12/2013) you have made CostPerInvoice.Com one of the most used sites for the education of Accounts Payable Automation… Thanks. As a middle child I really need this type of encouragement.

There are over 200 articles that have been read,  liked, re-blogged, commented on and spell corrected throughout 39 different countries.

If you think this is my way of standing on the mountain top to admire the view… you are wrong. There is a lot more to read, research, know, experiment and find about Accounts Payable Automation. Because this is a letter to you the participants. I think it is important for you to know where I am coming from. The easy answer is Boone NC, the better answer is… well… really no where. At the moment there is no desire for me to use this site for something other than education. I love to write, I love to be read and I love (more than any of it) to speak with people about Accounts Payable Automation.

With that type of passion about Accounts Payable you would think that I would be a bore at parties… Well I pretty much am until you get a few drinks in me or give me a guitar (I would prefer the guitar because I am not much of a drinker).

It seems a little short-sighted to ask you to sit back and enjoy the information on CostPerInvoice.Com, because I need your feedback and want your participation. Here is what I would like for you to do (not in this order).

  1. Sign up for daily alerts (look to the left)
  2. Comment of the articles
  3. Re-Blog or Re-Tweet the information (would love for you to add to the info then re-blog or tweet)
  4. Ask me to blog for you (my way of spreading the love)
  5. Ask me to come speak to your company or event
  6. Tell your friends and co-workers

I hope this comes across in a very sincere way… Thanks…really – Thanks for everything!



The Elmore Family 2010

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