There is a new look on an old site – CostPerInvoice.Com

Well it’s that time of the year where everything feels new, new year, new you and recently you may have been getting all of the email for a webinar about a new AP.

I Guess

I guess it’s good timing for service providers to have you re-evaluate your accounts payable process with automation at the beginning of the year. I don’t want to be left out, so I have done a new site. Well its an update to my old site,

New and Old

Let’s start with what is not going to change. If you are signed up for updates you will continue to receive a daily email (minus the weekend – I have 4 kids so my weekends are filled will giving my wife a break <well deserved> and pouring a lot of milk and trouble shooting ever possible electronic device) with educational information about Accounts Payable Automation. If you are not singed up, look to the left and click the link, and you will get daily emails. To be clear, daily useful (I hope) content you can use will not change.

If you have a look around the site, what I am hoping to do is create even more of an educational environment by adding permanent links and pages about automation so the site can become more of a resource for automation.. go ahead… take a look


As 2014 unfolds the site will continue to expand its educational prowess adding downloadable worksheets and white papers for your automation journey. There are two additional books in the works for 2014 and expect to see more guest bloggers on the site writing.

Don’t get me wrong

I have plenty to say and am not looking to let off on producing content, but it is becoming more clear that people want to have a voice too in the education of Accounts Payable Automation as much as me… and it is going to be a great honor to give them a platform.


Look around the site, take a look at the new information, and let me know what you think.

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