How Many People Are Really Freed Up By AP Automation?

If you think about Accounts Payable Automation as being as good as the time that it frees up. Well, how many people is that going to be?

A Little Background

Before you watch the video there are a few things you should know about people, time and freeing up that time. Companies deal with employee’s free time in different ways. In general I have found that larger companies lay people off. Mid-Size companies apply other tasks and small companies take longer lunches… Just kidding, I don’t work with many small companies where gaining new time (that’s the time that’s freed up by AP Automation) is the big driver for Automation. This idea of people and time and freeing it up is more difficult for mid-size companies.


The video will give you more insight to the problems mid-size companies face.

The Point (You Are Welcome)

When automating AP, know what task are going to be eliminated by automation, who are doing those tasks, and how much time they spend of those tasks. That’s the information you will need to understand the full impact of Accounts Payable Automation in your world.

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