I was looking at My AP Automation Search Terms

I guess this article would have to fall under, “strangest title” category. I was told to write this article by a colleague… I didn’t even think it was news worthy, I just mentioned to it to her in passing.

Here is the story…

I regularly review the search words that people use to find my articles. I don’t know who the people are that are doing the searching. I do know what search engine they are using, but that’s it. It helps me make sure that I am writing content that people are wanting to read, which in the author business is called… “The Whole Point”.


Some of the terms I get are predictable:

Things like that. Its pretty easy to understand people’s motivation when they are searching for terms like the ones above, and based on my motivation, I hope to be writing content that is worth reading based on those key words.

Here is what happened

I was checking the terms this weekend and noticed that someone accessed my site by typing in the term, “positive points for automating accounting”. I was really struck by that. As I wrote earlier I mentioned this to a colleague in passing and she said that it was a great angle for an article. I thought, yea it is.

How Many Time

I am always thinking for ideas to write about… I don’t think I write about the “positive points” of Accounts Payable Automation. It is true that I wrote The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation out of wanting to help people not stumble and fall when automating. The 8 Pitfalls came as a direct answer to the question, “What do I need to be prepared for when getting rid of the paper?” The underlying theme of the question is negative.

Positive Points

Well, today is that day, and hopefully that person will search the internet once again. I wonder why they were searching, was it to start an automation journey… maybe it was validate an automation decision they had already made… or maybe it was because they wanted to know what all of the cool people were doing with their free time. What ever the reason – here is your answers

      • Reduced Cost of Processing Invoices
      • Additional Time of Labor
      • Faster Process Time
      • Capture Discounts
      • Reduce to Eliminate Late Fees
      • Cash Management – Higher Visibility to Expenses
      • Advanced Reporting of Expenses
      • Single Document to Work From
      • Greater Data Analysis
      • Less Re-Classing
      • Better Budget Controls
      • More Secure Approval Process
      • Greater Document Security
      • Improved Communication on Disputes
      • Track-able and Report-able Process History
      • Greater Vendor Management
      • No Paper
      • More Trees – More Oxygen
      • Seamless AP Approvals to the Accounting System
      • No More Filing Cabinets
      • No Need to Maintain Filing Cabinets
      • Consistent Filing Record (Without Gaps)
      • Secure Searching for Invoices
      • Mass Searching for Invoices

I am sure that I am missing some, and as I remember I will add it to the list in hopes this person will come back over time… but if there is anything that I have missed – add it as a comment!

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