Which Companies Have The Best Adoption Rate for AP Automation

Adoption is always a big concern when doing something new. In the early days of my automation career companies used to do, which I now think, are crazy things to get people to use their platform. I remember one service gave a way a motorcycle and another an SUV.


Thankfully those days of bribery are gone and people can use software and services like AP Automation because of their value. There is still, however, the idea that some companies adopt better than others. It’s true, so I have put together a list of a few key indicators of companies that are better than other than adopting AP Automation.


  1. The first type of company that adopts AP Automation better than others are those companies are have a purpose for automation. You would like this is obvious, but there are some companies that will do the newest because it’s the new thing to do. What I coach companies on, as far as purpose is concerned, is how they are going to use the time that is freed up by automation.
  2. Other companies that adopt better are directly related to how their company is structured. Those companies that are naturally de-centralized can use Accounts Payable Automation to “naturally” centralize. The natural part of the change is the most important. In the old model invoices go to many places and in the new model invoice (if done right) will flow from one central location.
  3. The last thing is all about change. When I engage a company one of the first things I ask is what technology projects has the company recently undertaken. Then I ask the person that I am engaged with if they were part of the project (if not – we find the person or people together to ask the final question). Then I ask what lessons did they learn, and what would they have done if they had to do it all over again. This gives me clear insights to how the company can and will deal with change.

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5 Replies to “Which Companies Have The Best Adoption Rate for AP Automation”

  1. Chris,

    One thing that is for sure. Many companies engage in some from of AP autmation as a means to reduce cost without realising the full implications for how they do business. I’m all fo automation but clients need to understand that it is not as simple as flicking a switch,


    Brian Shanahan

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