AP Automation And The Unofficial End Of Summer – 3 Things

I have always heard that Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. I don’t know where that comes from but I guess because the kids go back to school and no one is really taking any vacations… but I believe it’s because football season starts which is the unofficial start of fall and the official start of spending more Saturdays and Sunday sitting on the couch yelling at the TV.

Unofficial – Official

With all of this unofficial and official talk, fall and then winter enters the official season on Accounts Payable Automation. When I did projects and consulting on projects I was busier in November and December than any month of the year. As a matter of a fact I did more projects in those two month than I did the first half of the next year.

Three Things

With the AP Automation season just about on us. I thought it is a good idea to give you three things to think about as we approach crunch time.

Thing 1 – Do your analysis now. Get you numbers straight now so you don’t have to fire drill them when the board says, “hey we have a little money to spend by the end of the year…. Any ideas?”

Thing 2 – Make sure all of your allies are in place and on board when the board says, “Hey we have a little money to spend by the end of the year…. Any ideas?” I hate writing the word “allies” because AP Automation isn’t a battle or war, but it’s important that you don’t ambush anyone with the idea. AP Automation at its core is change and no one likes to be surprised by change.

Thing 3 – Target you service providers, even to the point to where you have checked out some of their references. Now, don’t call the service providers for a demo – that will needlessly burn your time, but call the people you know in the business that are automated and ask them who they use… so you will be ready for the board saying, “hey we have a little money to spend by the end of the year…. Any ideas?”

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