List of Decision Triggers VS A List of Nice To Haves #APAutomation

As the season for Accounts Payable Automation decision approaches I wanted to give people an idea of why some chose automation and others don’t. The key is what you build your list on.


Whether it’s formal or in your head, when you are making a case for AP Automation you are building a list. Almost like a “pros and cons” side by side comparison. Concentrating on the “pro” side of the list, below are examples of things that will motivate your organization to automate (I call them decision triggers) and a list of things where people will say (out loud or in their head) eeeehhh (I call those nice to haves)

Nice To Haves

  1. Search and Reporting
  2. Multiple Accounting Systems
  3. Substitute Approves
  4. Mobile App
  5. Real Time Integration

Decision Triggers

  1. More Time
  2. Powerful ROI
  3. Change In Human Capital
  4. Measurable Business Impact
  5. Accounting System Integration

The Point

If you look at the two list, you will notice a definite pattern. The nice to have list is full of features and the triggers list is full of fundamental changes to the business. If your list of why you want to automate Accounts Payable is full of features you are buying software. If your list of why automate if full of changes and impacts to the business than you are buying automation.

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