5 Tips on Making Your AP Automation Less Robotic

I was fortunate enough to have my formative years in the early eighties. This means that like anybody I think that the music I grew up on was the best. To prove it and to stick with the theme of today’s article – check this out:

5 Things

  1. Make sure the software fits your process not the other way around. Knowing your AP Automation service providers capabilities and limitation will help.
  2. Workflow (electronic approval process) needs to accommodate the approver and not people needing to see the invoice. In a paper world people sometimes put themselves in the middle of the approval process to look at data. Accounts Payable Automation will make this less robotic by streamlining the process.
  3. When evaluating AP Automation make sure that you give as much time to looking at the software as you do to the service that is provided. The more the services the less robotic.
  4. When searching for a service provider to start your paperless journey or to improve the journey you are already on calculate the amount of time that is freed up by AP Automation as the real impact. This will insure that people will be positively impacted.
  5. Finally, when recording a training video don’t hire a band from the eighties…

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