9 Things AP Automation Sales People Do To Turn Clients Off

Watch this:

Sales is the same way. We don’t want to make any “big sudden moments” with our customers because we will scare them away. Accounting and finance professionals are already an extremely risk averse group, which is why they are good at their jobs, you don’t want to accidentally propose risk into your relationship.

There are 9

  1. It’s all about me: Always keep in mind that it’s about the client not you, so if there is something you really like about your offering make sure that the client likes it too.
  2. Too much opportunity: As sales and marketing we have a tendency to focus on the gain. With accounting and finance people they could see gain and the change that come with gain as a risk.
  3. Way too many features: The difficult thing about being in technology day in and day out is that we love to get to know our technology, we love to talk about what our technology does, but to the client – too much of that will turn them off. Remember to keep a good balance of what your offering does and the impact that it will make.
  4. Watch your language: What you put in writing is extremely important to an accounting and finance person. If there is anything in your contract, which I am sure that there is (you should read it) that will cause risk, that will surely turn your clients off.
  5. Uh – I don’t know: The core tenant of the Teaching Model of Selling is that you are to… well… teach. In order to teach you have to know. Where in traditional selling, “I don’t know” is used as leverage, that won’t work selling something like AP Automation. Too many “I don’t know” will send a client in search of someone who does know.
  6. Not too many (people): It is natural, using point five as a back drop, for a rep to compensate for lack of knowledge with pulling in a manager, product and service people. Where this is a great way to get answers answered too many people will confuse and cause unrest with the client. Be the gate-keeper so you don’t have too many people in your opportunities.
  7. Save the BS: Don’t fool yourself, as smart and as clever as you think you are, your client’s know when you are making something up. Although you don’t want to always be the “I don’t know” rep, you don’t want to lie either.
  8. Best friends? Where it is important to be nice and friendly with your clients (people won’t do business with people they dis-like). It’s also important not to be their best friend. While some customers will move toward being friendly it is a turn off to be so close they when the tension of finishing the deal arises the customer will feel betrayed and that will turn them off.
  9. Take a shower: What, I wanted to do nine things and couldn’t think of anything real useful.

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