3 Simple Way to Inspire Employee #Sales #APAutomation

I wrote the book “The Argument to Automate – How to INSPIRE Not Fire” to help companies/people understand that when you automate the accounts payable process and you are in a middle market company, it’s about using people’s talents not improving the bottom line by headcount reduction.


Now that the book has been out for a few years, and I have had the opportunity to speak about it, people have given me the feedback that the talent part of the book and talks had somewhat of a surprise ending. I had never intended the book to be a surprise, I was just writing about the true power of automation in the middle market which is you enable people to use their talents for talented things.


It got me thinking that the people in our companies need encouragement. Most people need encouragement every day. I am not referring to the people who are the “squeaky wheels” but the people who show up (on time) do their work and don’t complain. In that spirit, here are three things you can do to inspire the people who work around you. By the way this is if they report to you or not.

Three things

Thing One – Be a good finder. An accounts payable manager told me once that AP people only get recognized when something goes wrong. Reverse that notion. Go out of your way to make sure that when nothing goes wrong that folks know that.

Things Two – Don’t compare people. Nothing de-motivates people faster than comparison. Telling someone – they should be more like another co-worker discounts all of that person’s unique skills.

Thing Three – Relate to them. The most power thing you have to inspire someone is a good relationship (this is also known as social capital). A good relationship creates trust and foster a working environment where people are excited about coming into the office and solving problems.

Believe This!

Believe it or not, each of us has techniques to de-motive people. You may not know that you are doing it. The good news is if you have techniques to uninspire people you can have techniques to motivate them as well. Start this process in a simple way by committing to saying one thing that is encouraging to someone as your first act of the business day. You will be amazed by using this simple technique how successful the rest of your day will be.

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About The Author:

Christopher Elmore has written 8 books, countless articles, lectures at UNC – Charlotte and travels around the country speaking on the topics of startup success, sales, presentation skills, change, entrepreneurship, accounts payable and payment automation. Having deep startup and entrepreneurial experience, Christopher was one of the six people that started AvidXchange in 2000 and continues to work in the business today. If you hire Christopher to speak or teach at your company or event… you won’t be sorry! Request a media kit or contact us for more information.

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