What is Automation Good For?


People are still struggling with justifying accounting automation (the definition of accounting automation is no paper invoices, an accounting system and no paper checks) . I have written it several times that the United States is one to three federal laws away from mass automation adoption. Until those laws are on the books, companies and the people who lead them are trying to figure out the benefits of automation. I have never met anyone who said that getting rid of paper (anywhere and anytime) was a bad thing. I make it a common practice to announce that in my personal and professional life I am paperless. People are always interested in how I got there… especially in business. However, being paperless is something people dream about as being a nice to have and nothing they really focus on. I guess it is easier for me to be paperless because of the industry I am in.

If getting rid of the paper is not motivation enough (which it isn’t for most) then cost reduction is the second reason I talk with people about. I won’t spend any time on this topic because over 50% of my other posts are dedicated to cost per invoice and cost per process... feel free to take a look back.

This new series is dedicated to writing about other reasons to automate accounting processes. Over the next few weeks I am going to write about:

  • Types of people who benefit from automation
  • What types of companies are the best fit for automation
  • Accounting Systems that are best for automation
  • (Most Importantly) What situations can be improved by automation

I am really looking forward to putting this information in writing… and as usually I am looking forward to your feedback and input… stay tuned.

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