People Who Benefit From Accounting Automation.


At first glance this may seem like a silly statement “People who benefit from accounting automation“. There is a couple of ways of looking at that statement. One is to ask the obvious question of “who wouldn’t benefit from accounting automation?” Let me deal with that first. It is true… everyone in the business can benefit from automation. This article is going to focus on mainly the decision-making process of automation which is the second way of looking at the statement.

There is some confusion on what automation is… meaning is it an accounting initiative or is in a technology initiative. I believe by answering that question it will lead us to the “who” (in who benefits). For the next few days I am going to write about the three levels within an accounting department that will benefit from accounting automation as well as give you insight to some of the blind spots that each have when evaluating automation.

Below is a list of each roles I will write about. I will write about each in general terms, so depending on the size of the company each of these roles may be different or you may be someone who has all three of these roles so parts or all of the insights will apply. You may find yourself in each of these roles arguing within your own head about automation (that could be fun).  Stay tuned…

  1. CFO – Chief Financial Officer
  2. Controller or Director of Accounts Payable
  3. Accounts Payable Clerk

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