What Types of Companies Benefit from Automation.


Company type is an extension of the series what automation is good for. I first wrote about people, believing that people are the most important aspect of automation… from a purpose perspective. Shifting gears a little bit but continuing with hoping to open your eyes to how accounting automation is helpful, this week I am going to write about different types of companies that can benefit from automation.

In introducing different types of companies, I want to make the point that accounting automation is good for all companies. I have worked with companies that are major brand names to companies that have had six employees… and they have all benefited. However there are certain corporate structures and specific situations where accounting automation is very helpful. In some situations accounting automation not only can be helpful it is a necessity.

The downside is people in traditional corporate situation where all they have known is paper, using accounting automation to fix problems or enhance structures is not readily apparent. For rest of this week and on into next week you will get to know those structures and situations so you too can be one of the cool kids, not only to get rid of the paper invoices and checks, but to do it in a way that will improve your company.

Stay tuned!

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