Final Thoughts On Situations for Automation



As I wrote in the beginning of this part of the series on who and what accounting automation is good for, business situations is the most interesting of all. I think business situation is the one things that will move you from…. “I think accounting automation is cool and neat” to “I think I need to automate”. That is the point behind this series, to give you insight to why automate.

A Few More Things

To wrap this portion of the series up I have written about the impact of automation on growth, headcount reduction. hiring and having people do their intended job. Now, in my experience these situations are the biggest motivators… There are others. Here is a little list:

  • New System Administration
  • Vendor Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Discount Management

All of the above situations are areas where if your organization was interested in automation could free up time to work on more things. The one above that I want to highlight to finish the idea of situations is “New System Administration”.

New Admin Work

This is the most sinister area of automation and even though it’s not technically a reason to automate, it is a situations that needs attention. When you automate, you will put new software into action. If you don’t accommodate for administering this new software, you may have a big surprise on where all that wonderful new time that automation frees up.

Final Words

What ever the business situations that you are working though, keep in mind that automation serves a sole purpose of solving problems. The reason for this series is to help you realize that, historically there were no answers to accounting process problems… there is a new day with automation where problems that are associated to growth, personnel and process can be solved.

Tomorrow I am going to put a wrap on the entire series of what automation is good for…. stay tuned.

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