Final Thoughts on Accounting Systems and AP Automation


So over the last few week I have been writing about small, medium, large and homemade Accounts Payable Automation systems. I have also written about AP Automation disaster as well as what a company needs to do to be prepared for automation. Thanks for all of the comments, conversations and re-tweets.

Common Threads

One common message I seem to be carrying from article to article is the need to set goals based on something other than features, integrations and project timelines. Now please don’t get me wrong, I have spent most of my professional life managing AP Automation features, projects and integration. These things are important. I am hoping to influence you on the idea that number are the best.

Numbers Are The Best?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to put an accountant or finance person at ease as well as make a friend for life is to write “numbers are the best”. As I wrote above, features and integration are important, as well as partnership with highly skilled service providers are good too. The reason numbers are best are because they are a solid black and white benchmark. The type of benchmark that is not only clear but is something that can be focus on that doesn’t move.

All Other Things

Outside of number, most everything else with AP Automation has a tendency to change…. features, benefits, procedures,… if a company is used to paper they have a lot of trouble knowing what a fully automated Accounts Payable process is going to be like. Because of that, assumption are formed, and it’s only until you have your processes and procedures in place within automation software you won’t really know how things are going to work.

That’s Why

The unknown factor is the reason why numbers are the best. If you have a goal for an ROI of an amount of freed up time, then at the end of the process you will know if you have achieved your goal or if you have more work to do.

Next Week I am going to write about purchase orders (POs) and AP Automation – Stay tuned!

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