6 1/2 Things to Know when Getting More Time in Accounts Payable

I got a funny feeling that I am writing too much about time. Not just time… but time benefits of Accounts Payable Automation, gaining time in AP, and how to use time that Automation frees up.

Just The Facts

Well, I did some research and found that I have written 3 articles in the last month about time. That’s not nearly enough. Thing 1, that you should know is time is the natural byproduct of Accounts Payable Automation. Thing 2 is the more time you free up from Automation the better the offering. WARNING – If you are not measuring time then you will have a difficult… well… time knowing if your Accounts Payable Automation project is (was) a success.

Just A Little More

I wish I was sorry about the drama, but I know one thing about people who are searching for AP Automation and that is if they don’t have any place to put additional time… they won’t automate. I know what you might be things… it can’t be that simple. Well, it is. Now, this leads me to thing 3. Thing 3 to know about getting more time in AP is the task and therefore the time that is being freed up has to be more valuable than the current task. Another way of writing thing 3 is to state, the time has to be used wisely. It can’t even be a lateral move, it has to be an upward move or the plan won’t look good. Which is thing 4, you must have a written plan for the time that is freed up. I don’t like to create what people refer to as a “science project”, but finding the time, disturbing the time and changing people’s work time needs a plan… a good one too.

Thing 5 – 6.5

Thing 5 to know when getting more time in AP is that not just accountants or finance people should be involved in the decision. Now, I know that may sound a little obvious, and I also know that when an accounting or finance department is shopping for accounting and finance software (like AP Automaton) then it is an accounting and finance decision. That’s true, but the essence of thing 5 is to explain that the ripples will be felt throughout the entire organization and they should be in on the decision or at least consulted. (And) Finally thing 6 and thing point 5 is to party. That’s right, celebrate the change, the management of the change and the use technology to make a positive change.


When getting more time in AP you need to know:

  1. AP Automation = Time
  2. The More Time The Better
  3. Upward Movement with Time
  4. Have a Time Plan
  5. Time = Change
  6. Pat Yourself on the Back!

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