The Stupidest Thing I have Done As An AP Automator

I must really want attention to write about some as stupid as I am writing about today. I have found, however, that the people that read my stuff like it when I am… well like the cool kids say, “real”. Let’s face it, “real” is what we are looking for when it comes to advice and learning, which is what I want these articles to be.

The Background

You may not be aware, but I have been helping companies go from paper to an automated Accounts Payable process for the last fifteen years. With that amount of time you will think the stupid things I have done would be somewhat lengthy, and they are. You would think that it would be difficult to pick from that list, but it’s not (I hope this is an appropriate amount of build up).

The Set Up

I think I need to be clear that this is the stupidest thing “I” have ever done, not the stupidest thing that I have been a part of… although that list is entertaining and educational too. I have worked on a project where it got delayed so the project sponsor (CFO) could get a haircut. I have worked on a project where the team wrote “keep” and “fire” on a whiteboard with a line down the middle of it and the people’s name that were going on the board were in the room. I have also worked on a project where it stalled and ultimately collapsed because the CFO and CEO got put in prison for fraud. (But) Those were other people, not me.

The Stupidest

Looking back, I can’t believe I was so naive, and with the build up, I hope I don’t let you down, but the stupidest thing I have done as an AP Automator is to believe that the software is the most important thing. Now, a few things can happen at this point. Some will stop reading because you were hoping I would tell a story about presenting with my fly down. Others will get mad at me because you are software people. For those of you that are left, you get the nugget.

The Point (You Are Welcome)

The more I learn and the more success and failure I have with people getting rid of the paper the more I understand automation is about people. I know weird. I have been wanting to write a book that is entitled, “Technology Does Nothing”. Technology or software is only as good as the people it serves. I can’t tell you how many time people who I work with miss this subtle but important point.

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