What’s Heavier a Ton of Paper Invoices or a Ton of Bricks? #APAutomation

Well, happy Friday. I know looking back on this article it won’t be Friday, or it may be just by coincidence. Anyway, I am feeling a little “out of the box” because of the combination of events that are coming up (that I am not 100% prepared for) with spring fever, so today’s article is going to be a little different.

A Ton of Invoices?

I like this question, which is heavier a ton of paper invoices or a ton of bricks. The trick answer is they are both a ton, but the real answer is paper invoices. That’s right, paper invoices are heavier than bricks because you are able to build something of use with bricks but the paper invoices will always sit in your filing cabinets and eventually will become so heavy you have to pay a company to haul them off to a secret location.

Did You Know

That when you store paper in a filing cabinet at your office, it cost your organization $285 per cabinet, per year to maintain that filing cabinet. If you add it all up, having a filing cabinet cost a lot of money to maintain. Imagine a ton of filing cabinets made out of bricks?

Happy Spring Fever Friday To All – Now let’s go Automate AP and get rid of the filing cabinets!

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