Top 10 AP Automation Destination Vacations

I don’t think I have ever taken a destination vacation. When I wrote the title for this article I think I used the term without knowing what it was (yep – I will admit that). So I did a little research, and come to find out… Google doesn’t even know what it is either. There were streams and streams of hits that lead me to sites trying to sell me on a vacation package.

History Making

I like to take on challenges, so today’s challenge is history in the making as I finally, once and for all, define for all of the internet to read – what a destination vacation is.


A destination vacation is a vacation that you take where the journey to get there is as good or better than the arriving. In that spirit here are the top 10 destination vacations for Accounts Payable Automation (drumroll please).

10. No Paper Invoices – No Paper Checks

9. Find Invoices 1st Time

8. Stop Tracking Down Paper

7. No Blame Game

6. More Time

5. Better Use of People’s Skills

4. No More Paper Cuts

3. Full Audit Trail

2. Accountability In the Approval Process

… and the number 1 AP Automation destination vacations is – You are no longer the paper police!

Think About…

Think about a world where accountability is self-administered and trained accounting professional do highly skilled accounting task instead of all the things that they (you) have to do because no one knows where the paper is. Well, it’s still work, so calling it a vacation might not be the right choice of words, but understanding that you are able to free up people from tasks that are below their skill level, like opening mail, AP data entry, putting checks into envelopes and filing and allowing them to concentrate on task that are more important to the company… well that is some level of bliss that would be great to achieve on a vacation.

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