The Red Rover – Red Rover – of AP Automation

I once heard a comedian say that a school system was outlawing dodge ball because it made some student feel bad. He then said that if that was the case they should outlaw math. I don’t think dodge ball was nearly as bad as red rover.

Red Rover

For those of you that don’t know what red rover is… students stand in a line, holding hands, facing each other and then one line yells to the other line, “red rover, red rover send (name)redrover2 right over”. The person that was named will run as fast as they can and break through the other line. If they don’t break through the person that ran over will join the other team. If the person breaks through then they will choose a member of the other team. The team that is completely decimated loses. It’s a simple game that has separated shoulder written all over it.

Red Rover and AP?

I don’t know… I guess I am feeling a little creative and want to shake things up with my articles. However, if you look at it there are a lot of similarities with AP Automation and a game mostly played by children.

  1. When the game starts there is a lot of enthusiasm and promise.
  2. Teams are picked to the point where some in the group are very excited and other are feeling left out.
  3. Once the teams are established the vision seems clear and everyone is on board with the vision.
  4. Once the first victory is had it reaffirms the vision and it tightens the resolve of the unit.
  5. With the first defeat the team is down and questioning the vision – fingers start to point.
  6. With many more defeats people start to separate from the vision.
  7. with many more wins people start to move closers to the vision.

The Point!

Make sure you have as many wins as possible with AP Automation, because with losses, people start dropping and those close to the vision (in number) get smaller and smaller.

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