Attention AP Automation Sales People!

That’s right! Salespeople. You know the same people that you avoid in the mall that are trying to sell you hand cream. Or the nicely dress person walking through your neighborhood carrying a clipboard. Well fortunately, for an AP Automation salesperson there is no classic sales stigma.


I have noticed that following me on this blog, Twitter, Goggle + and Linkedin there are a lot of salespeople that react to my information. Because of that I am going to start writing a few article aimed at helping you help your clients make good decisions. Don’t worry accounting and finance professional, by reading these articles you will get to know the sales process and the people behind the process better. It will help you to negotiate.

The Start

AP Automation is a tangible – intangible idea.  Because you can see and “touch” the software that makes automation possible, it is tangible. The problem is that the real impact of automation is a better process and a better business, which is intangible.

Example 1 – Tangible

Look at it this way…buying a car is an example of something that is tangible. The last time you purchased a car, did the salesman try to convince you that driving a car was better than walking? I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen!

Example 2 – Intangible

An example of an intangible is life insurance. A lot of people own life insurance, but you can’t touch it. When the salesperson sold it to you, it was based on some version of providing for loved ones. Even though life insurance is something we can’t touch or see, we all know someone who has benefited from the offering.

That is why AP Automation is both tangible and intangible.

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