Why Do Psychics Ask So Many Questions? #APAutomation

I was listening to a commercial about a psychic network and the person that got the reading she said was, “so dead on”. Then the commercial flashed to the reading and it was a psychic asking a bunch of questions. She said, “I feel there is something going on with a relationship” the person getting the reading said, “yes there is”. Then the psychic said, “is it your father?” If I was the person getting the reading I would say, “I don’t know you tell me… you are the psychic”.


In the teaching model of selling one of the most important tools a salesperson has is knowledge. Knowledge helps the sales person not only give wise counsel to the prospective customer but it also gives the salesperson the ability to know which opportunities are a fit for their offering and which ones are not.


Not every opportunity is a fit for your offering. I don’t care how robust or compete your offering is. If you don’t know what to look for because of your lack of knowledge (or desire to fill your pipe) then you will spend a lot of time on things that won’t close verse things that will close. I coach reps to identify those things that aren’t going to work and let the client know as early as possible. (The earlier the better)

Be Careful

I have found, that when you are more open about your offerings short comings they are more willing to want to work with you. It a sad selling state when honesty is a rare quality. Or maybe the other way to look at it is honesty based on knowledge is an attractive quality.

Oh Yea

No one can tell the future, that’s what makes selling an art from and a doctor a practice, and if you get anything out of this article, know that when a psychic ask a question it’s because they don’t know the future either.

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