With AP Automation There Are 4 Things People Realize

lRealization is a wonderful thing. I remember with my second child was about 10 months old, she couldn’t talk, but she could crawl. She would motor around the living room from end table to end table opening the little boxes that my wife had perfectly decorated. When she opened a box there was, to her, pure treasures inside. She was amazed by its contents, and she would get very excited. Her realization was there were things she had never seen in her life and my realization was she was very excited about a few pens, rubber bands and an old drivers licenses.

Automation Realizations

 When you get rid of the paper in accounting you will have a few realizations. I don’t know if they will be as dramatic as my daughter’s but if you aren’t ready for them, they can be painful. (So) There are four things that people realize.

Thing 1

One of the first things that people realize once AP is automated is they (people) have to do different things. Now, this might sound strange but if you are used to doing business one way and then a new way is introduced it is difficult for people to adjust. There are a few things to look for that are symptoms. One is people are printing out invoices and filing them to have a record (that one drives me crazy). Another is people if they receive a paper invoice will stamp and code the invoice before scanning it. You would think these would be isolated but they aren’t.

Thing 2

This one takes time, and it’s that people realize they have more information. I know… I know it seem elementary but it takes time for people to get used to the additional information. The thing that seems daunting to people is the volume of information is endless. Well, I am sure it has an end to it but I haven’t found it.

Thing 3

The third things that people realize is that paper is gone. Now, the first two things had a slight negative slant, while this one is positive. When a company realizes the paper is gone and they adjust to it… oh happy day! Be careful, however, to make sure you have picked the right service provider because it’s impossible to go back to the paper.

Things 4

This one may be the biggest one, and it does take time but the finial realization is that once AP Automation is up and running their company has changed. Now, not just changed but changed for the better. It is rare that an organization is able to buy a piece of software that will change their organization for the better.

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