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I have been trying to write more encouraging things to salespeople. Especially those of you that have the joy of selling software as a service. You are unable to rely on complex installs and connection to bring value. Therefore we only have our wit and charm when it comes to expressing our offerings.

Best Week?

Do you want to have the best week ever? I know I do. I have three techniques that if you follow you will have the best week. The great news if you can start to string one good week after another and before you know it (in about four weeks) you will have a good month… then a good year. I highly recommend you use these techniques this week.

Technique Number One – Be a Good Finder

A good finder is someone who finds the good in everyone and everything. A good finder is labeled as a hopeless romantic or someone how is not in touch with reality. I don’t know where our society has gone wrong when the people who are most positive are looked upon as crazy. The thing that a good finder will do for you is keep you out of despair and you will notice that when you perfect being a good finder in everyone and everything people will become more attracted to you. In a deal where the offerings are close your attitude will be the one thing that tips it in your favor, but get this… even if the offerings aren’t close and you are on the lower end, being a good finder will still tip it in your favor.

Technique Number Two – Stay Away From The Killers

I am not writing about murders, although hanging out with murders will mess up your week and destroy your pipeline. The killers I am writing about are the ones that will stops us from the greatest week ever. There are three and they are so sinister that we don’t know we are doing them and they are the quickest path to depression. Stay away from:

  1. Gossip – The difficult thing about gossip is when we start talking with a friend we get a little bit of an initial buzz. There is something trilling about tearing someone down while building you up. After the initial buzz the more you gossip the more you will drag yourself into a depressed stated. No one ever achieved anything by being depressed.
  2. Comparison – This is the true stealer of joy. The problem with comparison is you always compare the worst in you to the best in the other person. Just like gossip the result is a depressed state.
  3. Self-Pity – One of my mentors told me over 20 years ago that the problem with pity parties is very few people show up and they never bring presents. Once you have put yourself on the pity train, it is extremely difficult to get off. You will sink to a point where you will not desire to go on and question what you are doing is worthy and worthwhile. No one ever achieved anything where they didn’t have a passionate purpose.

All these killers will take you off focus and zap any energy you have to achieve, so stay away from the killers, and be very overt about not engaging with the people or events that cause these killers.

Technique Number Three – Relationships Matter

As a salesperson we are in the relationship business. I write a lot about automation and software taking over tasks that people used to do. However, if you want to have the best week ever, make sure your relationship are at their best. I have done a lot of thinking about people who are always happy versus people who are always mad or unhappy. I have come to the conclusion that the people who are happiest are the ones with the best quality relationships. Do this, if you want the best week, make sure you priorities your relationship. I don’t know why people tip toe around the jerk at the office and go home and blast their spouse for the most insignificant things. As a salesperson our home base has to be a safe place. As a young salesperson I thought that if my business was going well my family would go well. I am so very thankful that I learned early that if my family life goes well my business life will follow. Make home base a safe place. Then improve the quality of your relationships out to your kids, parents, siblings, co-workers and even your clients. Especially your clients. If the quality of your relationships are high with your clients and prospective clients you will never want for a sale again because they will become so common place it will be a matter of who and what closes next instead of hanging false hopes on a weak pipe.

Use these three techniques and I guarantee you will have the best week of your entire life.

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