Final Thoughts on Types of Companies and Automation


Just like people, companies are all unique, and the risk in writing an article that generalizes types of companies that fit best can seem like I am saying some companies shouldn’t try to automate. I have worked with big brand name companies that had huge headcount reduction plans all they way down to a 75 invoice per month nursing home that was tired of filing cabinets. As I wrote yesterday, when it comes to accounting automation there are only good – better – best and we should have done this years ago. I believe every company type will have a benefit.

However, not every company type can benefit from the same solution.  Believe me the type of solution and project for the brand name was much different from the solution and project for the nursing home.

Here are my final thoughts on types of companies that benefit from accounting automation. Up to this point I have been writing in a very black and white manner, no shades of gray (not like the book… that I have heard about and haven’t read).  When considering accounting automation and looking at the type of company you are… it is important to tally up all of the different types.

Yesterday I wrote about software companies in generally, however your case for automation becomes even greater if you have multiple companies types where automation is beneficial. Here is an examples. Let’s say you are a software company with 12 locations across the country that is public with accounting that is dependant upon the billing of the client to start their billing process. If you are like that or if you have several factors in your type of company, you have just moved into the “should have done this years ago” category.

Company types can compound, and when they do the case for accounting automation becomes event greater.

Tomorrow I start the part on situations that accounting automation can benefit. Stay tuned for more compounding!

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